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Q5. About Gold
1.  How do I gain Gratis Gold in the beginning?
At the first 3 days, new players can gain Gratis Gold from Charity in Liberty City. (20 gratis gold on the first day, 30 on the second day and 50 on the third day). After upgrading your company, you can gain a gift package from the system, which contains Gratis Gold. VIP players have a chance to gain Gratis Gold by logging in game through the login rewards. Exchange certificates that reach a required number can be used to exchange for Gratis Gold. Some activities have chances to gain Gratis Gold. (For example: travelling)
2. How can I get Gold?
You can get Gold by recharge, negotiating with MIB and participating in events
3. What about my Gold if I go bankrupt?
After going bankrupt, your character, your stores, TCN and Gold will be lost. You have to start from scratch.
4. What can Gratis Gold be used for?
Gratis Gold can fulfill partial function of Gold. Gratis Gold can buy some items from Shop, such as VIP card, Super Fish Soup, Flying Guards, Settlement Agreement, Popcorn, Moving Company, Application Form for Changing Corporation Name, Antifreeze, Green Juice, Confidentiality Agreement, and so on. Gratis Gold can be used for Mass Purchase, Mass Suspension and Mass Open, as well as fee for using Acceleration of Upgrade.

5. What is the sequence of use principle between Gold and Gratis Gold?
The system will cost Gratis Gold first to carry out Further Training, Enlightenment and anything according to acceleration. It will cost Gold if Gratis Gold is not enough.