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Q4. About Factory

1. What are the requirements of setting up my factory?
If you want to set up your factory, you need an employee who has a talent for the first-class product to be promoted as Factory Inspector, your company reaches small company's level, as well as the fee of 10,000 TCN.

2.  How to promote a Factory Assistant?
Click Business on the above of the page, and choose Corporate Chart, access to it and find Factory Assistant --> Promote. (When it meets the requirements, the button Promote turns green and it remains grey when the requirements are not achieved. Move your Mouse on the letters and see the specific requirements.) Then you access to the page of Promotion. Click Select on the employee you want to promote and click OK. The employee has been promoted.
3. Where can I set up my factory?
Please click Business- Creating Factory, choose the Industrial Zone and Block, and then click a vacant land to set up your factory. (You can only set up a factory.)

4. Can I open 2 factories?
A player can only open ONE factory.
5.  Can I change a factory's category?
The factory's category cannot be changed once it is established.
6.  Where can I get raw materials for factory? Does the volume of raw material increase automatically?
Raw material for factory increases automatically, even if you are offline.
7.  How to accelerate the obtaining of raw material?
You can accelerate the obtaining of raw material by strategic cooperation, increasing character's wisdom or increasing Selling Exp.
8.  How to gain materials?

Besides materials can be auto gained from factory, it can also be purchased from other players or gained by using "material box" which can be bought from Item Shop by gold.
9. How to use materials as goods?

 Materials in warehouse can be used with the matched rolls and catalysts to produce props which can gain the related materials.
10. How to use materials?
Materials are used together with "scroll (which contains the material you have)". Click the "scroll" and use it. When you have met the technical requirements on the "Scroll" and you have enough materials, click Business --> Factory --> Production Dep.
11. How to gain scrolls?

The ways of gaining scrolls are: routine work of your employees (Employees in a higher level can have a high probability to gain scrolls.), purchase of other players' scrolls from the trading market, opening the item of experimental bottle, guild's subsidy, and so forth.
12. Why I still have no Scrolls since my factory has opened for a week?

Scrolls are advanced items and can be obtained by employees doing routine work. However, the chance is small. It is not every time you do routine work and will get a Scroll. The chance of getting a Scroll gets increased if you make employees of higher level do routine work.
13. Why can't I use the Scrolls indicated "learnt"?
Used scrolls have been bound with your factory. Please click Business --> Factory --> Production Dep --> Production Items to check it.
14. Why raw material didn't increase after I used the Scroll?
The use of Scroll won't increase raw material directly. It works together with "Producing Items" to make items which can produce raw material. Thus, the raw material increases.

15. Why I didn't get a reward after using a Scroll?
You have to go Workshop and produce equipment before you get a reward.
16. What is the purpose of goods box produced by yourself?
According to different levels of your goods, it will give you different bonus to your stores Please move your mouse on your goods to check the related information.
17. How to use goods box of different colors?
You can sell goods box in your store or list it for sale in the trading market. If you want to choose the right store to sell goods, please click Exchange Goods from System Goods/Factory Goods and click Shipping from Warehouse. Then you just do as the system's instruction to sell your goods.
18. Why I cannot use the goods produced by my factory?
A factory can produce goods of all four industries. But a player can only use the goods of the industry he engaged in.

19. Why all my goods in my store are replaced by system goods even if the duration of the goods is set to be above 12 hours?
After selling out, the products will be replaced by system goods, if you have.
20. What is sales experience used for?
The more sales experience you can gain, the faster you can gain raw materials.
21. How to gain sales experience? Why can I increase my sales experience by selling my goods?
Sales experience should be obtained  by selling the goods of highest level produced by yourself to players or system. You cannot obtain sales experience by selling goods that has been bought in trading market.
22. What is Technique Exp? How to get it? I have produced goods, but the Technique Exp didn't increase, why?
Technique Exp is the experience value you got by producing goods. You can get Technique Exp only when you produce goods of the highest level you are able to.