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Q3. About Company

1. Can I set up 2 companies?

Each player can only set up a company.
2. How to upgrade my company?
You can upgrade your company as follows: Click Business --> Company Info, and then click  Upgrade, you can see the requirements for upgrading your company to the next level.
3. What kinds of company levels are in game?

Private Corporation -- Small-sized Corporation -- Medium-sized Corporation -- Large-sized Corporation -- Limited Corporation -- Group Corporation -- Multinational Corporation -- Multinational Group -- Imperial Corporation -- Imperial Group -- Intercontinental Corporation -- Intercontinental Group -- Global Corporation.


4. How to cooperate with other partners in game?
First, you should exchange business cards with other players. Second, your intimacy points reach 90. At last, you are from different industries. Then you can select your target and click Strategic Cooperation in Biz Card list. You can check it from the page of your company's information.
5. How many partners can you add according to your company's level?
Private Company can add 10 partners at most; Small Company can add 12 partners at most, and so forth. When your company reaches the next level, you can add 2 partners more.
6. What is the upper limit of your store upgrade points?
Private company can show 6 points for upgrade at most. Small company can show 7 points for upgrade at most, and so forth. Your store upgrade points will save 1 point more as your company upgrades to the next level.
7. What's the advantage of Strategic Cooperation?
Strategic Cooperation can increase stores' revenue, advance the speed of gaining material and producing goods.  
8. How to change company name?
You can buy "Application Form for Changing Corporation Name" in the Shop to change your company name.
9. When you cooperated with other companies in other industries, what is the difference of gaining bonus?
Service + Sales: revenue adds 2%
Service + Catering: revenue adds 1%; speed of gaining material adds 1%  
Service + Entertainment: revenue adds 1%; output of goods adds 1% per day
Sales + Catering: speed of gaining material adds 2%
Sales + Entertainment: speed of gaining material adds 1%; output of goods adds 1% per day
Catering + Entertainment: output of goods adds 2% per day.

10. How to cooperate with others?
Send an invitation for exchanging business card with other players. After getting approved, click "Character", select "Business Card List" at the right and you can see the "Intimacy Level" between you and the player. Click "Interact" to enhance "Intimacy Level". To cooperate with others, make sure that "Intimacy Level" is above 90, you and the other player are engaged in different industries and both of you are allowed to have more partners, then click Cooperate --> Invite Cooperation.

11. What about my gold if I go bankrupt?
After going bankrupt, your character, your stores, TCN and Gold will be deleted. You have to start from scratch.
12. How to exchange Business Card?
You can click other player's name to select Exchange. Also, you can search others' names and company names and apply for business card exchange.

13. How to send a second invitation if my previous invitation of Exchanging Business Card is deleted?
You can send another invitation after 3 days of your first invitation.