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Q2. About Store
1. How to set up my stores?
Please click City and select the right zone and block, then you can set up your stores in the vacant areas. Please pay attention to the cap of your stores. You can set up more stores by upgrading your company.

2. How many levels of your stores are there in game?
There are 8 levels of your stores in game: Terrible---Bad---Substandard---Standard---Good---Excellent---First class---Perfect.
(Stores of business Level 3 can be upgraded to Superlative level.)

3. How to promote stores?
Click Stores at the right corner of the page, choose the stores you want to promote and access to view your stores. Click Close and confirm, then click Open at the same place and access to select the way to open your stores and the way to advertise. Then, click OK. (One store can only promote once a day.)

4. What are store upgrade points used for?
Upgrade points can be used for upgrading your stores. If you need to upgrade your stores, please select  the right store and click Upgrade. You can check the requirements for upgrading your stores. Upgrading your stores can increase your stores' revenue.

5. How to gain Store Upgrade Points?
New players can gain 1 point every 2 hours at the first 3 days. The system will auto add it. Private company can add 6 points at most. Store Upgrade Points can save 1 point more as the company comes to the next level. On the other hand, players can use 1 Gold to exchange for 1 Store Upgrade Point.

6. The speed of gaining Store Upgrade Points is too slow, is there any other ways to gain them?
You can gain Store Upgrade Points in the following ways:
A. There are some probabilities to gain them by carrying out Routine Work.
B. "Open Mystery Chest" has a probability to gain Store Upgrade Points.
C. You can join guild of 5 levels to gain 1 point per day. The higher level of the guild , the more upgrade points you can get.
D. Negotiating with MIB has a probability to gain them.

7. How to advance your business level?
At present, we don't have the function of upgrading for your stores' business. However, when your company reaches a middle level, you can directly set up your stores of the Level-2 business. If you want to know more information, please click FAQ for New Players from the above of Game Chat Channel.

8. How to set up more stores?
You can click Business --> Company Info --> Upgrade to do it. After that, you can set up more stores.

9. Which areas will be good at setting up stores?
If your stores' levels are low, your stores that are built on higher zones will have an effect on your revenue. There are no effect on these zones, such as the first and second levels Residential Zone, the third-level Downtown Zone and the fourth and fifth levels Commercial Zone. 

10. What is Store Expansion Agreement, and how to gain it?
After reaching the cap of your stores, a piece of Expansion Agreement can open an extra store. According to different levels of your company, upgrading to the next level can give you a chance to use the item once. Not only can you buy Store Expansion Agreement from Shop, but you also have some probabilities to gain it from Open Mystery Chest.   

11. How to use Store Expansion Agreement?
You don't need to use Store Expansion Agreement. When your stores reach the cap, if your company reaches the requirements of using the extended card and you have the card in Items, you can directly set up your stores in Liberty City. After that, the protocol will auto disappear.

12. What is wrong with my stores' revenue? Anything unusual?
There are many factors that have an effect on your stores' revenue in game, such as VIP bonus, level of store business, cleaning bonus, strategy attacking, B24 Radio Station, Competitive Effect, store promotion, bonus of employee experience, goods and so forth. Please make sure whether or not your stores are attacked by Strategy attacking or competitive influence which will have an effect on your revenue.

13. The stores' projected revenue is different from actual revenue. Why?
There are a lot of factors to affect your store's revenue, such as competitive influence, area influence, or attacking strategies of other players, which will reduce your stores' revenue.

14. Will the resources be given back if the store is removed?
No resources will be given back if the store is removed.

15. About Game Setting
The game adopts PST Time. All your operations won't stop until they are finished. For example, if you get offline when your stores are open and upgrading, then, you stores will keep open until all goods are sold out and the upgrading keeps going on until it is finished.

16. What is the relationship between company and stores?
A player can only create one company, but he can establish more than one store. A private company can possess 2 stores of first-level business. Number of stores can be increased with the enlargement of company scale. You are able to enlarge company scale when your stores leap to "Perfect Store" which can be achieved by store consistent upgrading. Every store has a business level, which starts from the lowest "Level One". Business Level is fixed and cannot be promoted. You can open stores of higher business level only when your company scale meets a certain requirements.

17. How to promote stores?
Click Stores at the right corner of the game and access to the page of all store information. Select the store you want to promote and access to the page of the store information. Click Upgrade at the right corner of the page and access to the page of upgrading. Here you can see the name of your store of the next level and the requirements for upgrading. Click Upgrade if you meet all the requirements.

18. How to open a store?
Click City at the top of the page, and select "Residential Zone" in the middle of the page. (Stores of different levels have different requirements on locations. Stores of less than Business Level 2 will only be free of area influence when being located at "Residential Zone"). Choose an unoccupied position, enter one block, and find a right position, then set up the category and name of your store according to system instructions. Click OK and you finished.

19. I have a company of Level 1. Why the Upgrade Points of its stores doesn't increase when it reached 6?
Stores of a first-level company can only hold 6 Upgrade Points at most. Every time the company upgrades, the number of Upgrade Points the stores can hold increases.

20. Why I am affected by the Competition Effect?
Competition Influence exists if another player establishes the same store at the same block as you.

21. Why I am affected by Zone Effect?
Businesses of first level can be only established in Residential Zone and Zone Influence exists. If you open your business of first level in other zones, there are some zone influence that will affect your revenue.

22. How to get store Upgrade Points?
There are three ways available: you can get one point every four hours from the system. Also, you have the chance to get it by doing routine work. Or you will probably get by getting everyday subsidy from advanced guilds. In addition, you are probably lucky enough to get some from MIB.

23. Why all my goods in my store are replaced by system goods even if the duration of the goods is set to be above 12 hours?
After selling out, the products will be replaced by system goods.

24. Why my Selling Exp didn't increase after I sold my products?
Selling Exp will be  increased only when you sell the products of the highest level you are able to produce.

25. When can I open a third store?
When you company becomes a small-sized company.

26. How many points can the store Upgrade Points and characters' Attribute Points can hold at most?
The upper limitation varies according to the level of your company.

27. How to get Store Upgrade Points?
The Store Upgrade Points will increase one point every four hours. In addition, you have the chance to get Store Upgrade Points by doing routine work and negotiating with MIB.

28. Now I have two "Perfect" stores. How to open a third store?
Click Upgrade to upgrade  your company to be next level, and you can open more stores.

29. How to promote a store of Business Level 1 to be a store of Business Level 2?
Stores' business level cannot be promoted. When a company becomes a medium-sized company, it can open store of business level 2.

30. What are steps for a store to grow into "Perfect" store?
Terrible--Bad--Substandard--Standard--Good--Excellent--First Class--Perfect.

31. Why I didn't get Selling Exp after selling my goods?
You can get Selling Exp only by selling goods of the highest level; you can produce to the system or other players. There is no Selling Exp if you sell your goods in your stores.

32. How to advance your stores' reputation?
Please stop doing your stores' business first, and then select promotion from option of opening business. Promotion can advance your stores' reputation.

33. Where is my unused Expansion Agreement?
Expansion Agreement doesn't need using. When your stores reach the upper limit, your levels of company reach the conditions of using Expansion Agreement, you can use it to set up another store. After setting up your store, it will disappear.

34. Why does it show competitive influence while there are no other stores related to my type?
If there are two stores of the same type of your own, it will also show competitive influence.

35. VIP can be auto sales for your stores. Whether will it be the former ways of promotion, or just be the normal business but no promotion?
The function of VIP auto sales can just be normal business but no promotion.