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Q1. About Character
1. What is the purpose of Attribute Points?
There are 3 kinds of Attribute Points for character:
Strategy: to add employees' Attributes of Execution and Management;
Wisdom: to add speed of producing goods and gaining material.
Leadership: to increase company's revenue.
2. How to promote my Social Status?
Social status can be advanced by accumulating character experience. You can obtain character experience in the following ways:
A. You can increase your character experience by carrying on your routine work.
B. There are some probabilities to gain character experience by travelling.
C. You can have some probabilities to gain character experience by participating 16 Hours Activity.

3. How many levels are there in Social Status?
There are 9 classes in Social Status:
4. How to obtain Attribute Points?
You can obtain Attribute Points not only by daily quests, but also by Routine Work, Help Bell, 16Hours Activity and MIB negotiation.

5. Can I change the industry a character engaged in?
You cannot change the industry once you choose it.
6. Will the age of a character increase as time goes on?
The age of a character will NOT increase with time.
7. Can I do Daily Quests twice a day?
Every player can do daily quest ONCE only, and daily quests will be refreshed at 24:00.

8. How to increase characters' Exp?
To increase Exp, you should do Daily Quests or Routine Work.

9. Now I am a citizen. What does the title "Citizen" uses for?
According to the game rules, some quests and operations are only available to accordant social classes.

10. After adding strategy of character Attributes, the employees' Attribute Points of Execution and Management didn't increase. Why? 
Increasing strategy of character attributes can just have an effect on some special quests that need Execution and Management.

11. Now, I can add leader points which have an effect on my revenue; I can add wisdom points too which have an effect on my factory. How about adding strategy points? Do they have an effect on my employees?
Strategy points have an effect on employees' Execution and Management. After the value of employees' ability reaches 100, your gained ability points will become distributed points of employees' Execution and Management.