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The game won't start on my browser?
If Business Tycoon Online won't start, crashes, or runs slowly, then please try one of the following possible solutions:

1. Try rebooting your computer.
If Business Tycoon Online normally works for you, but isn't today, the first thing to try is simply rebooting your computer. This fixes the problem a lot of the time!

2. Upgrade Java.
Click here to download and install the latest version of Java.

3. Download the latest Windows patches.
Click here to visit Windows Update and install the latest patches for your operating system.

4. Try changing the 'Java Options' settings.
Go to theJava Options page on our website (under the 'Play Now' drop-down menu) and try changing the Java setting to 'Force Sun Java', press 'save settings', then proceed to load the game as normal.

5. Try running in the latest version of Firefox.
Download the latest version of Firefox here and try using that to play the game.

6. Try starting in 'Safe Mode'.
While the game is loading (when the loading bar is on the screen), press the "s" key on your keyboard. This will cause the game to start in safe mode.

7. Close all unnecessary programs before running Business Tycoon Online.
Close all other unnecessary windows and programs before starting Business Tycoon Online.