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A player is only allowed to own one character per server. Multiple characters or accounts belonging to a single player on one server are against the rules. Staff will monitor servers for multiple accounts. Any player found violating these rules will have their characters and account suspended.

Multiple accounts on the same network are allowed, however, these will be monitored strictly by staff for foul play. To avoid any misunderstanding, please create your account ID carefully. Account names such as "XXXX01, XXXX02, and XXXX03" may raise suspicion amongst staff and players alike.

Players with multiple accounts/characters may have their original account or character restored by sending a request to staff. BTO reserves the right to punish the player before restoring the account. These punishments can include, but not limited to, character attributes deduction or store and company demotion. Players will also be punished according to any advantage gained by owning multiple characters/accounts.

Sending a claim to staff is the only way to restore your account. Staff are not required to give any response to fraud, sophistry and abuse, and may take further punishment to these acts. Please include as much detail as you can in your request.

If you wish to start a new character, please delete all the data on your original character before creating a new one, or send a request to staff to delete your character and state your reason.

Staff reserve the right to monitor a player's account by an array of ways, including, but not limited to, monitoring IP address and in-game behavior, and reserves the right to judge any unfair game play at their own discretion.

If you use a proxy/VPN to access more than one account, your account and any associated IP addresses will be banned.
In the event of any absence, players can name another player to look after their account during this period. Staff must be notified of this beforehand. Please include the duration and
name of the player.

You may not make any transfer for resources between your account, and the account of your “sitter”. We will consider this account a subsidiary account, and will punish all accounts accordingly.

The account owner is fully responsible for all actions taken on the account (including loss of items) during the sitting.