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Daopay FAQ

Tips: Please note down the order number on the DaoPay payment page during the payment process, and ensure the transaction has completed before closing the screen. In the case that payment is successful but the gold is not received, please follow the instructions below.

I was charged, my phone fee was billed, why not get the gold?

It is possible that the payment screen was closed before receiving the PIN code. You are able to resume the payment and redeem the PIN code with the following steps:

 - Login to the game page and open the payment page of DaoPay.
 - Press "Do you need help?", then "Resume payment" and then "Order number" from the list.
- Enter your order number and click "Ok", then follow the on-screen instructions.

In the case that you don't remember the order number or PIN code, please contact CS via the Help button in the game or send a request to: