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Super Rewards Issue

1. How do I complete an offer?

The necessary steps to complete each offer are written in gray beneath the title and at the top of the popup window after you select an offer. To ensure that you complete the offer successfully, please use accurate information and complete each offer in one sitting (without refreshing the page). Advertisers validate your information and do not award users who provide incorrect information. With false information, the advertiser will not credit you even if you complete the rest of the offer (including making a payment).

2. How many times can I complete an offer?

With the exception of tasks, you may only complete each offer once. Completing an offer more than once will not result in extra payments. An offer sponsor will not allow you to complete an offer more than once with the same valid information.

3. How long does it take to get awarded for completing an offer?

The length of time for an offer to award you depends on the particular offer and ranges from minutes to days. The estimated time it takes to get credit on some offers is labeled on the offer panel. Please only file a support request after waiting the specified time.

4. I had an error in the middle of completing an offer, do I still get credited?

Unfortunately, if you do experience an error and cannot complete the offer in one sitting, we cannot credit your account. SuperRewards does not host any of the offer sponsor's websites on our servers so we have no control over any errors experienced on their sites. We constantly monitor each offer and remove it if we notice multiple errors in a short amount of time.

5. Can I get credit if the offer page has an error before I complete the offer requirements?

Unfortunately, you must complete all the offer requirements before getting credit. If you encounter a problem with an offer page that prevents you from completing the offer requirements, please file a support request through our system before trying again. That way we can look into it and try to fix it.

6. Can I get credit for an offer if I complete the offer requirements without going through the link on the SuperRewards offer panel?

No, you cannot get credit in this case.

7. Are the payment pages hosted on a secure server?

Yes, SuperRewards takes the security of our users very seriously. All our payments are processed through secure servers and are safe.

8. How is my information used by the advertiser?

The use of your information once entered on the sites vary from sponsor to sponsor. Read each offer sponsor's "Terms and Conditions" documents for more information.

9. How do I unsubscribe from an offer?

SuperRewards does not handle any of the services or products of our advertisers. If you would like to unsubscribe from an offer or stop receiving emails/calls/texts from offer providers, you must contact them directly.