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Q8. About MIB

1. What is MIB?
MIB is short for "Man in Black" and is a system investment group. After succeeding in negotiating with MIB, you can gain rewards in investment at random.
2. How to deal with MIB?
When  MIB reaches you, your secretary will give you a message in Notifications which can be kept for 2 hours. In this 2 hours, you can send an employee to  negotiate with MIB, and then gain rewards of gold or store upgrade points etc. If you don't accept negotiation with them, they will be suspicious of your sincerity and find other tycoons.

A. There are 3 kinds of MIB: TCN MIB, Gold MIB, and Executive MIB.
B. The employee with higher Marketing Talent would bring back more rewards.
C. Please don't miss any message of your secretary.