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Mansion system launched! - BTO Routine Maintenance – November 8th 2010

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In order to provide every tycoon with a smooth, stable and quality gaming environment, we will be shutting down all servers and implementing routine maintenance on November 8 from 18:00 to 21:00 PST. This downtime will allow us to optimize and improve the Business Tycoon Online as well as implement new features and events into BTO. If maintenance fails to be completed on time, the availability of the game may be delayed accordingly. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused by this and we appreciate your support and cooperation!


In-game improvements:

1. Mansion system will be launched in BTO.

2. After optimization, in media attack, only Media Talent of the assigned employees will be one of the factors contributing to a successful attack. The higher their Media Talent, the more successful the media attack. Other kinds of talents will take no effect on media attack.

3. Brand new sports cars (Koenigsegg Trevita, Lamborghini Reventon, etc.) with excellent attributes will be introduced into BTO, along with a new series of items (Briefcase, Vintage Whisky, ect.) that bring temporary attributes to your employees or Arena team.

New activities:

1.  Thanksgiving Fireworks Festival will come giving away free gifts to every tycoon.

2.  Thanksgiving Ranks provides more rewards to its winners.

3.  The lowest Employee Training Discounts will be available.


Please note all maintenance is subject to final confirmation.

BTO (Business Tycoon Online) Team
November 8, 2010

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