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Make new achievements in Pyramid Challenge!

Post by: Admin       01-11-2011         Tag: Pyramid, Achievement, BTO
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The zone “Pyramid” is open now on S1-S43 in Liberty City! There are 4 Pyramids for tycoons to challenge. Each pyramid is filled with a tree of quests and gives amazing rewards. Different Pyramids have different difficulties. Tycoons don’t even have to spend gold finishing Silver Pyramid! However, the higher the difficulty is, the more Rewards and Pyramid Points the Pyramid gives. Tycoons need to finish a Pyramid before they can start another. So be careful, tycoons, don’t get stuck in the Pyramid!

Tycoons will get Pyramid Points by completing quests of Pyramids. Along with Achievement Points (which can also be gained from C-Tree), Mansion Value and Character Icons, Pyramid Points will be shown in the new Achievement system in Character page. Prove your achievements and show your strength now!

Pyramid Guide: http://bto.dovogame.com/btoguide/?show=art&id=1091


January 12, 2011

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